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Thanks for letting Me know I’m not the only one that ddoes that. That last time I spent too long at tbe store getting drinks..well thought of a million other things and had my ADHD son with me. He was with me every time I’ve done this. Not his fault he was engaged in his phone. But he knows me too well since he said did you forget tbe food (again). We haven’t been to the library in a bit but every year around the holidays our library does a canned food drive $1.00 credit per canned food or non perishables so that has helped us. As long as your fine isn’t over $10.00 you can continue to check out so if you can’t pay it all at once you can pay on it. It’s just us but guess what you just reminded me I have bills to pay but need to check our expenses and what is due. I don’t know how private meaning tbe internet not just the site is but I’ve been Outof work on FMLA for several weeks. Had a bad year with physical stuff too well my job is teally hard. Been there 16 years seems to add more to it every year I got so behind and confused so my doctors and now counselor are too close so now they are really making things a nightmare. My grumpy psych has too many patients so 10 min visit tried to talk to him so primary said she would TEXT him (hmmmm I have his home number all of his patients do but I don’t do eell talking to him on the phone so yeah my EAP Counseloris way too close to them both so he calls me in under tve guise of completeing my paperwork, I wanted to see him and my primary already did it) He raises his voice took me off celexa ok I asked to Change prior visit and adderall claimimg they are making me MANIC. Put me in anti psychotocs told him I cannot take them we’ve tried before everyone has guven me meltdowns. i have chronic migraine back in tbe late 80s early 90s nothing helped before triptans now I have stenosis in neck too. A sleeo study at home showed issue with my heart tacardia and they did sleep study I didnt sleep I was having issues sleeping getting to work extremely late and sometimes staying late at night or not at all. I was so busy putting out fires things critical things for 7 counties piled up. Ok sorry I’m ranting these were SUPPOSED to be funny. They have me more messed up than ever, my anxiety is bad (sorry my primary originally told me she would ask him to tweak my meds my counselor thought I need anxiety meds tweeked) well when he called Me he said due to my age almost 49 have ovaries but surgery the meds put my foot on the gas.My doctor is asking me to do THE Impossible. I don’t need that can’t do it (sorry got the TRUTH from her yesterday that she won’t sign release to work unless I do this) Good reasons I can’t or won’t. I haven’t Yelled at anyone cursed not argued well I’ve told her I don’t agree with tve8diagnosis. My psych sent me to counselor took a very long test my kids are Adhd and I noticed I waa much like them growing up but they are boys but I suspected it s long time. He spent a while talking to me so YES I have it
I started with provigil at my request
, this was years ago I was falling out a lot. Made my migraines bad. we ended up with concerta it was great at first. so we switched to adderall I admit time seemee to fly by too much maybe. went back to ciconcerta Instant migraine but who knows right now I wish I was on concerta. I followed his wishes and stopped guess what? Bed in pain all day and tbe serequel knocks me out. Took one last night quarter of what he wants. I couldnt take it. Tomorrow I need to make calls to get tnis fixed AT HOME. I’ll do what they say But they HAVE to consider my situation. I read in here somewhere they probably are Now misdiagnosing me. They need to check my hormones and help me adjust. My counselor said they want you to rest. Really? are they going to pay my bills insurance? my leave id probably gone. I planned to check on my short term disability and t
last week I was too busy sleeping. If she had bern straight up with me that she wasn’t trying to ask him to tweak my meds I wouldnt have been taking tbat seroquel and dealing with tbis. I cant function so its holiday weekend she tells me i got physically sick migraine nausea the whole thing because our future is at stake. SORRY FOR ALL THIS. I REGRET GOUNG TO THAT PSYCH EVER! IT WAS MY IDEA I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG. Its been worse since Ive seen him except in the beginning he did a good thing when my depression was at darkest added lamactical. The Adhd meds helped at first… now well so much to figure out immediately. I don’t know i
this was the best place to vent. we have no close support. My boss had been patient coworkers caring but no actual real support I can can’t on. There have been friends here and there but they have their own lives problems. NO his dad isn’t an option. Thanks for letting me vent. Even if it doesn’t make sense. It was supposed to be funny sorry. I wanted it ti be. suddenly things went from bad but ok we can handle this to I have no idea… If you made it this far and managed to follow tgank you. My football game is on need distraction badly. Have a grat day and I’m gonna try to #RiseUp ☺