Reply To: Vyvanse & Focalin


I’ve got a 11 year old son with ADHD w/anxiety and a some
He started taking meds when he was 6. First it was concerta which made him a bit aggressive. Then adderall. He has been on adderall ever since he goes to pediatrician every 3 months for med. check and growth and height check. It seems that his behavior and school things have gotten worse when he turned 11 and started 5th grade. We tried something call Adzenys and then vyvanse and then intutiv and we didn’t see any changes. So went back to adderall w/clontidine at night and every week it slowly increased but still never do anything. He did go to a psychologist that did extensive testing which took 4 visits. Outcome was obviously ADHD but with anxiety and a bit of oppositional defiant disorder. Oh yeah before testing sons 2 teachers, husband, and me had to fill out paperwork. He advised a SSRI and therapy. That was back in December 2016. But I just couldn’t do it. But after trying all the other things that didn’t work for him I eventually told the pediatrician I would try it. So she started at lowest dose and gav it 3 weeks. I started to see a pinch of change but not much. She uped it up to 50mg and we go back in 4 weeks to see how all is going. He is on the 2nd week of 50mg and I have seen a big improvement I can’t hardly believe it. But I really don’t like him being on antidepressant at age 11. But he seems happier, and not so mad when you tell him to do something and much better at school.