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Oh I can so relate to the pizza mishap Ive done it once that I remember. in the past year 3 times gone tthru fast food drvie thrus talking to my son once was this week. Paid for food decided to go to dollar store for drinks. ended up there for an hour getting other things. some frozen we unloaded the car I’m putting up frozen stuff. I asked my son where the tacos were and get them out so we could eat not there OMG SOMEONE STOLE OUR FOOD WHILE WE WERE IN THE STORE AD I FORGET TO LOCK CAR ALL THE TIME!!! He looks at me “mom did you even wait for the food?” crap I don’t remember he said I don’t think you did. Why didnt you notice either. said he was distracted in his phone, likely showing me a video… calked tbem she remembered me because they tried to run me down. This us my 3rd time different places. Tbe first time luckily I had him a car was honking and pointing.. ugh what? I thought.. I had crossed the highway she said I think that lady us hollering to you! Yep had our food in hand. second time was at a chicken place called them they still had it. The taco place was nice enough to remake my order it hadbeen over ab hour. I went in this time told the lady to please tell the lady I talked to Ms. ADD is back. They laughed. I cant count the mindless things I’ve done. Had a gravely bad situation in family was expecting phone call out of state. Had brought in a 12 pack of diet drinks put in fridge. Was wondering why my cousin hadn’t called started looking for my phone. Even used my work cell gone to my car, I knew I had tbe ringer up nothing… well biw I found out cell phones don’t get signal in the refrigerator. Yep it was in the case with the drinks!!! Just one of many “only me!” moments. Hope that makes you feel better?