Reply To: Vyvanse & Focalin


My son is on Vyvanse too. He has switched around butVVyvanse seems to help the most although he still “has no homework ” forgets notes etc. At night he goes wild at times talks inappropriately but then clonidine.01 reels him in. I’m woeried about the weight gain too he has sensory processing disorder WITH severe oral aversion. He has grown a few inches recently in spite of the meds. He just hit puberty so I have to work (nornally I have it too and so many physical issues etc but back to him).,im afraid to leave hin home or take him out without it. A med break would be awesome he needs to carch weight height up. He won’t eat traditionally healthy not even junk foods of cetyain consistency, cant watch others eat fruit or he dry heaves wont eat his favorite pizza if he sees it. He hates anything cold ice ice cream but pudding most cake. any help forbme and caring parent above is needed. ps concerta and strattera and adderall all have that asb”side effect “. I give aduly vitamins since he gatws chewables and gummies. had one Neuro recommend I was skeptical about kids getting too much vitamin is more dangerous another pharmacist I trust aasured me he would pee out what he doesnt need. Hope hes right. I skip it some or cut in half at times. um adhd not the most consistent im too busy being sure he gets all his correct meds then i get mine. You are not ALONE. maybe encouragement? or someone can help us both?