Reply To: ADHD and Tiredness


I just got another notification of a recent post here, and I cannot locate it!!

But, here’s my update. I started on 5 ml generic Adderall, and that didn’t do much. Then I was upped to 7.5 which helped initially, but not for long. Now I’ve been on 10 for a couple of months, and that seems to be what I needed. I’m feeling a lot better and getting plenty of sleep besides.

Finally, I’m getting through the entire day without feeling exhausted or overhyped. I’m rarely depressed, although I still notice that bad weather gets to me. I think that’s mainly because we have two dogs and horses, which means I have to go out even when it’s dark, dreary AND raining!! I’m also not ready for it to be winter again.

The notification I got was from someone who was concerned about taking medication for too long, I believe. She is on 7.5 ml, and that is a very low dose. I know that eventually meds need to be adjusted, but I’m not going to worry about it. My brother was on drugs for 15 years and did fine. Unfortunately, he had to quit because of unrelated intestinal problems. I honestly don’t know how he manages because he has a job that involves a lot of physical labor.

There are occasional nights when I have trouble sleeping, but who knows why. I don’t worry about it, and one thing that helps me is listening to an audiobook or podcast on a low volume. That keeps me from going over things in my mind that continue to keep me awake. I usually doze off in 15 minutes or so.