Reply To: Burnt Out


Thank you all for your suggestions, advice and support. Just a quick update, Thursday the 2nd was our “wait a week” mark. Since we had already gotten to Tuesday, I felt waiting another 48 hours was going to be hard, BUT I had trusted the doctor up until now because he always seemed to have my son’s best interests at heart.

Thursday hit, and the teacher had reported that Monday was rocky, but since then things had been steadily improving. His school runs on a demerit system. So week 1 of the new meds, my son had 13 demerits. That’s a lot. Week 2, only two demerits and 3 merits (praise for exceptionally good behavior). His home behavior is still a little iffy, the meds have definitely worn off by 4:00, but I’m giving the meds at 6:15 a.m., so I think it’s pretty realistic for it to be worn off by 4:00. Having to give it so early because the teacher said it wasn’t kicking in until close to 9:00 when I was giving it at 7:00. I am going to speak with the doctor about that.

Since his mood had stabilized, I tried Sunday to take him off the meds so that he would eat. The appetite suppression is still intense. Sunday his appetite was back, his mood was a little more stable but he was still very emotional. So I’m going to have to speak with the doc about that too. Due to his size, 62 lbs @ 11 years old, we can’t have 24/7 appetite suppression – weekends and school breaks are his major calorie intake times.

I’m thinking overall this isn’t the med for him. While he did adjust and his mood stabilized somewhat, the overall side effects are just too much.