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Penny Williams

You are good enough. First, truly accept that there will always be struggles and remind yourself that you are enough. No parent is a super-parent and no family is without struggles. And, for goodness sakes, accept that you can only do what one human being can do, and that’s enough too.

Next, take some deep breaths and sit down to make a list and prioritize. You can’t tackle everything at once. Trying to only dilutes your efforts on each item and makes you ineffectual on every front. Instead, figure out your top 2 priorities right now, and make a plan of action for those.

I know all too well how easy it is to catastrophize and swirl the drain of what-ifs. I have anxiety that causes me to go there all to often. However, over the years since my son’s diagnosis, I’ve learned to take one day at a time. Worry about the here and now, and that will help the future fall into place as it’s meant to.

A household routine can help a great bit, especially with making sure you have time to exercise and such.

Behold the Magic of a Consistent Routine

Therapy doesn’t necessarily have to be the traditional behavior therapy with a psychologist or licensed therapist. When my son was young, I found occupational therapy much more helpful — they work on behaviors triggered by sensory issues, poor self-awareness, poor communication skills, poor emotional control, and teach those skills for improvement. You will probably have a much easier time finding a pediatric OT.

Parent training specific to ADHD has also been shown to be effective in recent studies. Your parenting approach and strategies are really at the root of being able to improve life for your son and your family. Traditional parenting doesn’t work for kids with ADHD.

Raising a Child Who Wants to Behave

Free Parent Resource: ADHD Discipline Strategies

You CAN do this. And, we fellow parents are in your corner and cheering you on.

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