Reply To: Refuses to do any class work or homework

Penny Williams

While it sounds like he cannot communicate it just yet, there is a reason he’s not doing the work. There’s a barrier to discover and address. I’d ask for a meeting, but I’d ask that a Functional Behavior Assessment be done to uncover the reasons behind it.

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Possible reasons could be:
– Undiagnosed learning disability
– Overwhelming environment
– Overwhelmed by the work (format, volume, etc)
– Not “connecting” with the teacher, maybe an adversarial relationship
– Couldn’t meet his own expectations so quit trying
– Couldn’t meet teacher/parent expectations so quit trying
– Can’t focus in the classroom
– Struggles with executive functioning, like task initiation, knowing where to start, etc.
– The stress is causing cognitive fog and dysfunction

It’s really important to discover the underlying reasons and address them. Punishment won’t change the reason for the behavior, nor nagging and begging (been there, tried that).

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