Reply To: Teaching How to Remember?


My son was diagnosed in 8th grade (now in 9th). I might add that at times it takes educating the educator on executive functioning disorder and what it is, what it can look like etc. My son is gifted & talented as well, so we came across many teachers that just felt like he should be able to do things that he just was not capable of. He had missing assignments constantly. Has dysgraphia, so writing in a planner – not going to happen. We used an Executive Functioning coach over the summer and I picked up 2 executive functioning workbooks that he worked on so that he could become more aware of his strengths and weaknesses. I feel these really helped him grow in the area of planning and organizing. He developed a system this year himself. After each class if he has homework in it, the book/folder get placed immediately in his backpack, otherwise in his locker. We color coded subjects notebooks/folders/book covers (if needed) all the same color for one subject. Helping form habits is not enabling – its coaching. For a child with a broken leg we would not say “you have 2 legs, walk” we would put on a cast, get physical therapy, use a wheelchair or crutches. This is the same thing. Though they have everything, they just cannot put it all together as another child would, we need to guide and coach before they can run and soar!