Reply To: Teaching How to Remember?


It can sometimes feel overwhelming but I’m sure you’ve got this 👍 my son was dx at 6yrs. Honestly it’s just a lot of trial and error because every kid and every situation is different. And a lot of patience. As far as enabling goes remember that kids with adhd are typically 2-3yrs behind in maturity. That combined with poor natural executive functioning skills they are simply not capable of taking on the same level of personal responsibility as their peers. At young ages I think it’s fine to do some handholding. You’re giving them tools and practice so that they can be successful now and later hopefully use those skills more independently. I don’t see it as enabling, but as coaching. We used many of the tools I shared leading up to this year and now he’s using the tools we gave him independently in middle school. In my opinion if you push too much personal responsibility on a child who is not ready, they will find themselves failing over and over which can lead to a sense of failure in an area they simply weren’t prepared to succeed in and eventually they’ll give up trying.