Reply To: Teaching How to Remember?


The things you describe are executive functioning issues and are extremely common for people with ADHD. You don’t say how old your son is and whether or not you’ve met with the teacher or school to discuss, but for my son (now 11 and in middle school) things that have worked include keeping an extra set of his textbooks/workbooks at home or having access to his homework from our computer (often math curriculum has an accompanying website with all the work on it available for download), having him take a picture of the assignment written on the board with his iPad, having the teacher send all his homework for the week home on Monday or Friday instead of daily, having a checklist taped to the top of his desk or attached to his backpack to remind him to bring it home and enlisting the teacher’s help to remind him. Now that my son is in middle school they have a planner check in one of their classes that they are graded on. My son uses an electronic planner on his iPad to track his homework and it works great for him.