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I too have ADD and 4 children (ages 2,4,6&8). My 8 year old is currently on medication for ADHD and I’m trying to get my 6 year old started.
To say I “get” what you’re saying is an understatement. Let me tell ya…
You’re completely “normal”. I’ve been hiding from my kids since it was just 2 of them LOL… It’s overwhelming!! Their loud, needy, whiny, and at any given time some or all of them will be demanding my full undivided Attention (for no other reason other then THEY got my attention and not their sibling).
Yet, in the same breath I love them more then I ever knew I could love another being. Nothing beats when we’re all in a pile on the floor wrestling and giggling or playing outside, but, realistically life gets in the way. The laundry has to get done the dishes need to get cleaned, then there’s the friggin homework from hell or important phone calls you need to make and when your kid(s) are in your ear while you’re trying to use all five of your brain cells it’s maddening!!
The best advise I can give ANY parent is…
*Get good at letting people help you.*
If someone wants to take your kid for the day for a playdate or a sleep over to give you a break don’t try to be polite and say “no you don’t have to do that, I’m fine”….
Screw that!! Say “thank you, that would be amazing!” Then go do some stuff you’ve been putting off because you’re too busy being a parent.
Hang tough Mama! You got this!