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@ mellap711

Your daughter sounds exactly like me. Extremely shy, sensitive, misunderstood and bullied. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 47. My life had been filled with fear, stress and hardships. Wish I could have had the support and understanding she is getting now from my parents.
You are blessed with an early diagnosis and awareness. Please count that ginormous blessing. I think it is awesome.

All people/children have different gifts and challenges. I think we’re wired to be a certain way for a purpose. We’re not supposed to be cookie cutter people. That’d be not only boring but economically disasterous.

With my passionate and quick to anger-daughter, instead of strangling her, I try to imagine she may be wired to be some kind of warrior or defender of the needy in some way. Whatever her passion, I’ll do my best to assist her in the way she’ll go.

As for me, my compassion for people led me to become an RN. A difficult, tortuous miracle for ADHD, but my friend with ADHD is now a nurse practitioner. Sometimes we find a way when we want something bad enough. I hope you can find some hope in that.

With regards to money…I’m terribke with math and hate it with a passio. My dad had me open my own checking/savings account and with my allowance I
was allowed to crash & burn and learn life lessons early when the stakes weren’t too high. If that helps anyone.