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I’m 34 and always struggled with school, work, day-to-day life. I felt like there was something wrong with me. In college it took me longer than my classmates to complete homework and projects. At work I was inconsistent – I would do a great job on a difficult project, then mess up simple things that seem easy to everyone else. I’d do a task well on one project, then mess it up on another. I would lose equipment, keys, my id badge. I would voluntarily switch jobs every few years because I was anxious that they would find out there was something wrong with me and I’d get fired. I ended up starting my own business. Wearing many hats and doing something different every day suits me.

About two years ago I was diagnosed with ADHD. It helps to research and learn how your brain works. Now rather than beating myself up over things and thinking I should be able to do them the same way everyone else does, I find tools that help me. I’m still figuring out what works.

ADHD can also be a blessing. Many entrepreneurs and other successful people have ADHD. It’s their energy, their view of what’s possible and their different way of thinking that makes them successful. Hang in there and you’ll find something that’s a great fit for you.