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So glad that you’re all finding this site also. When my son was only in elementary school the neighborhood “clique” and the mother who ran it started ostracizing him from the group events and at the same time she would smile and act pleasant to my face, even hug me at parties. I remember my son standing in our driveway when he was around 8 years old looking up the street where the bulk of the boys in the neighborhood were playing at this woman’s house and then he asked me “why don’t they like me?” This behavior continued through middle school and when her son (same age as mine) graduated from middle school she threw a graduation party and invited EVERY single kid in the neighborhood evcxept my son. You could hear the music blasting all over the neighborhood and so could my son. I went up into his room to talk to him and saw the hurt and tears in his eyes. The rejection and damage to his self-esteem. I can’t remember the last time I hated anyone as much as that woman. If karma is real she’ll come back I her next life as a kid with ADHD an be treated that way by someone. If I believed in God anymore I’d be praying for some kind of justice. Thanks for listening.