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I agree in part and disagree in part to the responses. The punishment for signing on the wrong line seems excessive for a first offense; however, if it happened to my kid I would probably be frustrated but wouldn’t make this a battle with the school. I could see how the school might have some safety or truancy concerns if a student doesn’t come back from an open campus lunch that might have prompted the strict punishment.

But the idea that children in special education classes are somehow catered to and are helpless or passive has been far from my experience. While I do insist on certain accommodations made for my son, those accommodations are meant to teach him coping strategies and are techniques he can use when he gets a job. Would you be immediately fired for making a mistake ONE time – more than likely no. If a single minor mistake would get someone fired, I believe I would have been fired numerous times by now.

The accommodations in absolutely NO way make my son have a false perception that he is better than he is. In his earlier education years, his accommodations were much more vast but still gave him no sense of false entitlement. They did however give him tools he needed to succeed and as he grew and learned, those accommodations were lessened. Now in 6th grade my son has moved to the most advanced class the school offers for his grade. This was absolutely NOT because of the accommodations he receives but because of his hard work. He has to work harder in EVERY single class than other students, managing his symptoms and deploying his coping strategies.

While I think it is ever parent’s goal to raise productive members of society, saying that somehow being in special education makes a child passive or helpless is an absolute disservice to the parent and to the child. And I absolutely understand the original posters frustration. You watch your child work their butt off and then get busted for a minor mistake and you wish that someone just cut them a little slack. I think we can all relate to that feeling.