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My biggest issue was dealing with the complete & utter denial of the problem from both sides of the immediate family. My 4 year old was “dismissed” out of day care last year for his behavior and still my father & my in-laws continued to say “He’s just a normal little boy”.
Following the dismissal I went through 8 NANNIES in the course of 3 months. No one could last longer than 1 to 2 weeks with him. Even through this, they still wouldn’t accept anything was wrong.
He went through all the testing, scoring low in almost all areas and qualifying for every type of therapy available. Again with even showing them the physical test results and the percentiles that he was falling in, they still affirmed that he was fine. The typical cliches being thrown out like…
“In my day there was no ADHD”
“The schools do this for more money – Its all for money”
“He’ll outgrow it”
“He doesnt act like that when he’s with us”
It got so bad that at a certain point I just stopped telling them anything about what was going on with him. Its been very difficult. I lost my Husband 3 years ago so I feel very alone in dealing with these issues. I just wish they’d stop denying the problem. Its like Riley is the pink elephant in the room and no one wants to admit there’s something wrong. Thankfully he is now in a terrific special ed pre-school. No matter what happens in the future I will love and accept him for who he is.