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I have a bit of the opposite problem – my daughter was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago as ADHD – Inattentive Type. This means she has trouble paying attention, not listening to all the directions, needs to be given “chunked” information instead of all at once…. among other things. We just had a conference with her teacher and principal and have started to make a plan. But her grades suffer and she is socially very shy and extremely passive. She gravitates towards being friends with the “mean” kids in her class and she is extremely susceptible to bullying. Other parents do not understand the constant struggles on any end of the ADHD spectrum unless they have a child suffering as well. She has struggles with schoolwork, with friendships and with sports. We are currently going through having girls tell my daughter that she is the worst player on the team and shouldn’t come back next year. what they fail to see in her is this: my child tries the hardest in class, she tries her best every day, she practices for sports and the school play and for tests… it takes us 1-2 hours for homework that should take 20 minutes…. it takes her double the amount of time to finally catch on to something new than it should take other kids… but the biggest thing they dont see is how kind hearted she is. she will be your best friend and most loyal too…even if you treat her poorly she feels everyone deserves another chance.