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What is funny to me is the same parents who see me with my neurotypical child and think I am too strict, my routine is too set in stone, I expect to much, etc. will lecture me on how I am too “nice” to my ADHD son or how I’m taking the easy way out by going the medication route. LOL! You honestly believe that if ALL it took was a set in stone routine, high expectations and rules for my ADHD son to succeed I would waste my time and money dealing with therapists, doctors and school officials? SERIOUSLY!! They’re so right, it’s really that I feel like parenting my older son but not my younger son. LOL :/

When you have a neurotypical child and a child with a disability, you get the unique opportunity to see first hand how our education system treats those that are gifted/neurotypical and those that are gifted with a disability. And it makes me so mad!! I have to walk this thin line between giving my older son all the opportunities he can have and being happy that he gets those while being mad that my younger son will NEVER have those opportunities. Case in point, my older son is smart, no doubt about it. So he got into a terrific middle school where admittance was granted based on his academics, overall student behavior and teacher recommendations. My younger son will not get into that school. Not because he’s not academically able, arguably his test scores are better than my older son’s. But because his disability affects what teachers write about his behavior and because I seriously doubt we would be able to get the required number of good teacher recommendations. Only 1% of the student body is on an IEP.

OK end of rant.