Reply To: Burnt Out


So sorry your son is going through this. I understand your struggle with finding the right medication. My son tried SEVEN over two years before we got it right. He also has very bad responses on methylphenidates. He goes in to complete panic attacks almost immediately. And when he was on Straterra, he would cry all the time over everything. It was awful.

I agree with a previous post….I wouldn’t wait to pull him off. Side effects like loss of appetite and sleeplessness are one things, but when you see absolute personality changes, that is something else entirely.

We have had great luck with Intuniv as well. It doesn’t work as well for focus as the stimulants, but my son is a much happier, emotionally even boy when he is on it. We also had him on Vyvanse, which was the only stimulant that worked for him.

I know it is frustrating, but keep trying! And you may not achieve perfection with a medication, so when something helps (even a bit) without side effects, you may find that is the best you can do.

Good luck