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What I worry about is my 11-year-old daughter managing her finances as an adult. Managing finances is difficult for adults who don’t have ADHD or a learning disability to manage their finances. It will be doubly hard for me kid when she’s an adult. She was assessed with a learning disability and ADHD. So her basic math skills are not good, counting money, addition and subtraction. She’s getting better at multiplication and division because she has to use it often to solve complex Math problems. Better, but not fluent. She still couldn’t tell you some of her multiplication and division facts. Additionally, yesterday she told she couldn’t remember what 0 + 4 was because she rarely has to compute that!

Of course, we practice with her. I also have noticed that she has a good memory for songs so we’ve done Schoolhouse Rocks and I’ve taught her my own songs for some of the other facts. We’ve done Touch Math. But I haven’t been able to teach her other songs to help with facts because she’s older now and she shuts down. It also becomes a matter of memorizing the songs. I’ve tried repetition but she doesn’t always remember what we teach her. The school has her practice Math facts in school but she uses charts “cheat sheets” for that! I told her that when she’s an adult, just use a calculator. One of the reasons she doesn’t remember Math facts is that she’s not as interested. I told her she’s going to get ripped off if she doesn’t learn basic math. Math is her least favorite subject.

Point is, I don’t bother telling that to other people because all I get is that I need to get flashcards, have her do Math software to practice. One parent said that a lot of the kids that don’t know their facts, it’s because their parent is not working with them at home. Most parents of kids with ADHD are doing that! My 11 year old has doing that since Kindergarten! It’s not working. I’ve done the same with my other kids who have learning disabilities but because they don’t have a learning disability and ADHD they were able to retain their facts.