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Wow – when I started this thread I had no idea how many other people are dealing with the same frustration. One of the comments was about medical professionals who don’t understand and even worse, think they do. We went through a couple of bottom of the barrel therapists because they were on a list of people who would take our insurance. Then we got into the program at CHOP which is supposed to be one of the good ones and we had to go all the way to Philadelphia for a meeting 4 times a year, but their therapy program was rotational so we only saw the same counselor twice and then a new one rotated in and we had to explain the whole thing over again. It’s heartbreaking to pump drugs into your kid who just desperately wants to be normal and then start to feel
Like the people prescribing the drugs are just guessing. Watching your kid stop eating because of the appetite suppressant effect f the medicine, sitting at the dinner table begging him to eat a few more bites and then trying to get him to bed before midnight. This has been exhausting. We finally found a good therapist who helps somewhat but of course he’s private pay (most of the good ones don’t take insurance) and we’re up to $700 a month for counseling sessions hoping for some behavioral change.