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Hi there

You’re not alone with this. The key is to get paid to do what you love – obviously easier said than done.
1) Settle for something low level that isn’t challenging enough to get you fired. not satisfying but it will enable you to survive while you find the job you really want.
2) Find out what you love doing – this might be a hobby or whatever your default position is when you don’t want to do something annoying!
3) When you figure out what this is, you need to be brave and put it out there. This can be the hardest thing. Put it on social media. It doesn’t have to be music – it can be whatever you love.
4) This can bring you good connections and lead to Working for yourself – a good end goal, especially if you can eventually find someone to work with who’s good in your weak areas.

Wishing you all the best with your search. Don’t give up – it can take a while. And don’t forget we have so many creative, planning and enthusiasm skills that leave others trailing behind. #Not defective – just different.