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It can be worse, it really can. Try being a parent with ADHD, and with children with ADHD… then people just honestly believe you are a loser and that is why your children behave that way. “Well, you should be trying harder to stick to routines and schedules”…. I am TRYING… it isn’t just my ADHD screwing up that… three of my FOUR children have ADHD… it’s apparently genetic. Or, I love this one…. maybe if worked less. Ok, if you have ADHD… you know that when there is a problem, you come up with an AWESOME solution, that usually runs you right into the ground and then you screw up everything and then have to start again. Usually, I went through the “solution” of picking up multiple jobs and leaving my non-ADHD husband at the time with three ADHD children. So, while I worked well over 60 hours a week… the house fell completely apart. So, I was a bad mom when I did pay my bills, I was a bad mom when I stayed home and managed my house. I was a bad mom for EVERYTHING I did. I didn’t discipline enough, I didn’t “clean” well enough, or consistently… yet, just so you know, that all these parents who thought I was a bad mom, did, on many different times over the course of the years, send child services to my house. They DID NOT think I was a bad mom, they were pretty impressed… except the one lady…. that is a story that gets my blood boiling.

You are a GOOD MOM… no matter what any other idiot thinks. Every home is unique, and as long as you truly love your children and are doing the best you can… you ARE a good mom! Or dad…. dads…. this applies to them too.