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Ok not talk down or disregard anyone’s opinion . But I have to strongly decline with one of the comments about our way of brain wiring as a defect . Don’t get me wrong. It’s a constant and I mean constant challenge .. to try to stay constantly aware of your thought process and our attention span isn’t the best .. but it’s a gift !!
It’s the ability to constantly want to learn new things . A different perspective on thinking . The hypersensitivity it gives us allows us to access so many different ranges of emotion. Our thought process may be a little scatter brained but the beauty of technology or skills you can learn from therapist can help you learn stuff to put you on the right path . If you hate the industry your in change it up then . There’s so much out in the world to do . Once you see it all as an endless sea of possibilities and find the fire inside of you. It will all come together. Have faith ! In whatever / whomever you trust in. Just remember to not be so hard on yourself and relax!! Your mind is just an evolved brain. We were born this way for a reason . Let’s utilize it rather then squander it. I hope this helped a little . I’m sending positive light and love to all my uniquely wired brains out there !