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It’s ok!!! That’s your beautiful part of the brain that gets activated when we get super excited about something. I still do that when I go down rabbit holes of research lol .. but it’s ok . I think the first thing to do is know it’s not a fault it’s an asset . We love super hard but I think we can get a little overwhelming especially for a person not vibrating at your frequency. But it’s ok !! It doesn’t mean they aren’t compatible. It just means you gotta find you and your partners happy place right in the middle . Once you guys get there that will help center you when you go into tunnel vision focus so to speak lol .. I also like to distract myself with other things I find interesting .. learn more about ADHD. Especially if you’ve just been diagnosed. It’s an amazing moment of clarity once your diagnosed. It’s the daily struggle to get your mind in a good flow with your unlimited resource of power inside. Good luck on your search !!! And don’t be too hard on yourself . I’ve known for 2 years and I’m still getting the hang of it all.