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I just have to leave a note to say if I could throw my arms around all of you and say, ” you are doing a great job” I would. It is not easy rearing children with special struggles, and until someone walks in those shoes they won’t get it…the perceived smug attitudes hurt … the perceived quick judgements hurt… the internal comparisons hurt…the toll on life is exhausting, but deep down I have a feeling that we all would not trade our special darlings for any of the “A students of the world”. Each of our children with their add has an extra spark that others don’t have… what helps me is knowing i am not the only one in the world that is carrying that type of load and I relish and pray for the occasional encouragement that others care. We all know the proud judgers would buckle in one day if they had to carry our load. Don’t give them the power to ruin your day. And if you can stretch yourself to forgive their comments due to ignorance, it can give you peace. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of burying my little 72 hour darling baby girl. In that experience I learned people say the stupidest things. No one gets grief until one walks in those shoes. I think raising a special challenging child is the same way. The best attitude is to rise above it, if you can dare take on Jesus’ attitude and say ” Father forgive us them they know not what they say”. You can stay focused on your job rearing your child the best way you know how. If you get caught up in the comparison, the hurt feelings etc, it does your family no good. Leave it in Gods hands. Life has a ironic way of cutting down the proud. I promise, it is only a matter of time before those that feel they have everything together and are the pinnacle of perfection, to get broadsided with something in life to crack that philosophy. Don’t waste your time rooting in something or someone that doesn’t have your child’s best interest at heart and is not being helpful. Treat it like an unwanted sales call. No thank you… not interested … click… move on… 😁 Hugs, and be encouraged. You are kicking butt! Pick up that sword and keep charging! Your child is going to do great things I just know it! Follow your gut & heart.

Oh, and I just hate technology too! It’s all the time causing me grief and time. Don’t side kick your computer out the window though, you may need it later!