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Yes! Thank you for posting and opening this discussion. It’s so nice to be among people who understand. Amydelopez I’ll be your friend, my son is 17 as well. And you’re right- we’re doing the best we can. And continually wonder what more can be done. Yes, people who don’t understand think I’m enabling him like my husband (my son’s stepfather) who told me he does not want my son still living at home when he’s 30, so I have less than 13 years to get him ready for the world *wink* He stopped taking his meds sophomore year because he was tired of not feeling anything and not being hungry. (He told me he never knew the feeling of being hungry) He gained 20 pounds. But his focus in school suffered to where he was getting all F’s. It snowballed. I was afraid he’d drop out or worse. Luckily he found a way out. He took the CHSPE (Calif High School Proficiency Exam)and passed (for that he went back on meds, studied hard and welcomed tutoring-for the first time). I’m really proud of him. I am selfishly relived to be done with nagging about school and dealing with the school and teachers, but also feel kind of cheated out of his senior year and lost. But now he sits home all day. It was a way out, but there was no plan forward. He developed anxiety as a result of his school experience which making job hunting a mountain to climb. And more school (college) after escaping high school is not appealing at this point. So I’m enabling him. But I’m the only one who knows what he’s been through and seen him throw up from anxiety and know from reading that ADHD kids mature slower than everybody else’s perfect kids.