Reply To: Burnt Out


I also wonder how my daughter is going to manage her life after high school. She spends so much time working against me instead of with me, that its almost impossible to teach her anything. I just had her switched from vyvanse to concerta bc i got so many good reports that week and half she was on the concerta. She is trying to make excuses as to y she does not want to take it. The dr. Told her vyvanse would help her with not eating so much… So now she thinks thats the medicine for her. No matter what meds she is on she has that crappy attitude. She also diagnosed with ODD. So she is very hard to be around. Very hard to be nice to. Extrememly difficult to deal with each and everyday. I am tired too. I just want the chaos to stop. I want her to be open to my help and my suggestions. Im all shes got but she steady pushes me away.