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Yep, I have. I took my 7 year old daughter to see a psychiatrist last month for an initial visit. She scoffed at the fact that we homeschool, made assumptions about our “lack of effort” for extracurricular activities (I forced my kid to go to scouts for 2 years before finally giving in and letting her quit), and refused to listen to my daughter’s answers to her questions. She asked me, “What’s her favorite subject in school?” I replied “Well, I don’t know. Daughter, what’s your favorite subject?” The Dr. got all huffy and said, “I’m asking you, not her.” Sure, I could have answered with what I thought her favorite subject was, but she was RIGHT THERE! Why wouldn’t we ask her? She is not deaf or dumb. There’s no reason that question couldn’t have been answered by her. I think too often we don’t give children the credit they deserve. Three different times during the 75 minute session the Dr. said that she didn’t have time for this or that. At the end of the appointment she wrote a prescription and sent us on our way. I didn’t fill the script, and I won’t be back to see her. It was a horrid experience.