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Iniebauer – I’m a 50 year old high school teacher (23 yrs) and father of 2 (19 yo son; 16 yo daughter). I really struggle with all the correcting, lesson prep, and organizing. Sometimes I have to live with disorganization! It allows me the space to give my best energy at the necessary professional times (grades due, semester exams, etc). I get worn down quite a lot by the constant stream of work.

The reason I think (and might be for you) is that I love what I do. It’s why I have the periods of real stress, ‘freak-outs’, and paralysis-inducing fear. I’m a good teacher, love what I do, and want to do it well. I think it’s what makes us good – that capacity (I refuse to see it as a disability!) for deep empathy and feeling. I also believe it’s what can make us inspiring to others – they see how much we care/feel for the things we do and the people we encounter.

Thanks for sharing your story! We all know it’s never easy – even during our ‘easy’ times! Find ways to care for yourself – you’ll have better energy to push through those dog days of research and writing. Good luck! CHRIS