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Here’s the thing, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but our brains are wired differently and the way the professional world see it, it’s mostly a defect. I’ve bounced around in a bunch of jobs over the past 16 years or so and I realize that no matter the medication and treatment I genuinely try to do, the fact of the matter is that my brain is defective. Which sucks, because intellectually, I feel and think of myself as normal. Except I’m not. If I could accept the fact my brain is defective, and settle on a career that doesn’t require thinking, I’ll probably be ok. That’s the curse of ADD- we think, feel, and act normal, but in reality, we’re defective.

Sorry to not have any encouraging words for you, and maybe this won’t be helpful. For me personally, I think I’m going to finally stop being depressed about ADD and start accepting that I’m just never going to achieve what I thought I could professionally.