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To follow up on what I wrote, I’d say it is a constant struggle but a struggle that gets easier because you start to see the recipe of what works for you over time. (Maybe you like physically active jobs where the pace is fast but does not include a lot of detailed data cross referencing or long tedious forms. ) I’m saying that you will notice when you are in the flow of what you are doing, you will notice when you lock your attention on a particular task or problem, and you will notice that you lost track of time when you were doing something…those are the things you follow as a clue of what to do for work. When you are doing those tasks you are going to be able to do without a lot of resistance. You will find the challenge without it being overwhelming. You will need good self talk!You will need grit! You will need time to be mindful of your courage. You’re not alone. I’ve hit bottom a lot and mostly in my 20s. After that, my “bottom” was higher but I can still drop, I’d like to think perspective helps me get up faster.