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Hi. Yes it can get easier. This website has a lot of great info- dive right in. [Love ADDitude!] Have you consulted an ADHD counselor lately? (To help with career considerations/frustrations.) Is there a workforce Center nearby? How about a local Vocational Rehabilitation office? Even if you don’t qualify for services, they can help point you to other avenues of help…like job search clubs, state or college career exploration websites, etc. Ask public library staff, too. Are there any hospitals, clinics, or churches near you that have support groups? Not to overwhelm you with information, but there are resources out there, they just aren’t all super easy to trip over.
You are not alone. It is great that you aren’t afraid to ask for help. My Dad was too stubborn to consider getting help voluntarily (ADD-like tendencies run in my family) and never did find real contentment.
(That’s enough for now for me.)