Reply To: At my wit's end


Hi there!

I am a mom of a inattentive ADHD teen. So, I feel like Im knowledgeable in my own right. When my son was diagnosed 10 years ago, I threw myself in to learning all I could about ADHD. I am also in the medical field so I have a base knowledge already. What I understand is that people with ADHD may also have other diagnosis such as anxiety, depression and/or OCD. Although anxiety may be a factor in your case, you must look at what is fueling the anxiety. Once you uncover that, then you can begin the process of finding your diagnosis and better yet your treatment. I would advise you to continue to see your psychiatrist. He/She can help you navigate through all of this. They will be able to recognize if you are in need of further testing for ADHD. Keep in mind that anxiety, depression, OCD are symptoms of something larger. Maybe it is a chemical imbalance, unresolved emotional issues, or another diagnoses such as ADHD (just to keep with the topic..there are several other possibilities that come to mind but I dont know your case).

Its not that you are chasing a diagnosis…you are being proactive by recognizing there is a problem and chasing wellness. 🙂

Wishing you the best