Reply To: Read aloud accommodation

Penny Williams

This is a tough situation. Our kids often feel worse about their accommodations than getting poor grades. I would request that the accommodation be changed to taking the test verbally, if at all possible. If he knows the material and is still doing poorly on tests, then the way he is expected to perform the assessment and show his knowledge is the problem/doesn’t work for him. Ask him what sort of accommodation he thinks would help him instead. Could he possibly get the test on a computer or iPad with read aloud software and headphones? That would allow him to be in the room and with the teacher, but still have the material read aloud to him. He could also cue it to repeat when needed.

You are right that he does need accommodations and does need to show he uses them to get them for SAT/ACT — that’s what I understand also. Even then, it’s not guaranteed:

Legal Rights & SAT Accommodations

It would be a great benefit to acquiring accommodations and services in college as well. Explain this nuance to him and tell him you want to work with him to change the accommodations so they are a benefit to him and acceptable to him, but he needs to meet you half way and keep the 504 plan and use it so that he has the help he needs later.

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