Reply To: Burnt Out


Spoke with the doc and he wanted to give the meds another week to see if it was just an adjustment period.

This weekend my son went on a camp out with Boy Scouts. He’s been part of the Troop for awhile now. He’s USUALLY one of the better behaved kids, albeit – talkative, but the atmosphere is perfect for him. Not this weekend. One of the Scout Masters asked me if my son changed his meds or something. He was very kind and just said my son was a “handful”. Get in the car, ask his older brother (also a Scout), and he wasn’t just a handful. After hearing the stories I’m surprised I wasn’t called to pick him up. He even went so far as to dump a cup of hot chocolate over another kid’s head. My son said the boy was “being rude”. I know this boy, he’s a good kid, he’s one of the nicer ones to my son.

Rest of the weekend, crying about everything. He likes playing XBox with his Dad. Son lost the game, crying; son couldn’t find an accessory for his Halloween costume, crying; I told him to do his homework, crying.

I know the doc said to wait a week, but seriously – OH MY LORD! At this point, I don’t care about insurance coverage, I’ll pay for the right medicine.