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Penny Williams

It is exhausting for sure. Some days I just give up and don’t try because I’m too spent. Those days aren’t frequent, but they do happen, for my own mental health.

It does sound like the Focalin is making him hypersensitive and extra irritable. Is he on the lowest dose? If not, I’d ask if you can back down a dose and see if that improves. If so, I’d say this probably isn’t the right medication for him. I know you’re in an extra tight spot due to poor insurance coverage (which I could rant about for a lifetime, but I won’t).

I can’t remember what medications you’ve tried. While Focalin is classified as a methylphenidate, it has dex added. My son does well on Concerta, but Focalin literally kept him up all night and almost manic. It was bizarre. He only took it that one day. Oddly though, he did well on pure dex, but the coverage just wasn’t long enough.

If your son hasn’t tried a straight methylphenidate (Ritalin, COncerta, Quillivant) it may be time to try that. Of course, your doctor is the ultimate adviser here, as I’m not a physician. 😉

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