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Penny Williams

Maybe the prescribing physician can switch him from Concerta to Quillivant or Quillichew (liquid or chewable). They are all methylphenidates, so the change is more in the delivery than the medication itself. We used a straw to teach pill swallowing. Here are other ideas:

When Your Child Can’t (or Won’t) Swallow the Pill

As for repeating kindergarten, I would absolutely do it. My son didn’t turn 5 until Oct of his kindergarten year. We didn’t know he had ADHD or LDs at the time, but could see that he was plenty smart. It was the worst year. I asked if he should repeat and was told he’d catch up. The same thing happened at the end of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. By the end of 4th grade, after 5 miserable years of bullying, not having friends, feeling like an outsider and misunderstood, we put our foot down and demanded that it would be the year he repeated. Best decision we ever made for him. He now has friends and is rarely bullied, because his maturity is closer to kids in his classes now. He also got another year to improve skills that he was struggling with. My son actually wanted to do 4th grade again, because it was the most stressful worst school year he’d had.

I can’t tell you how much I wish, 10 years later, that we had insisted he repeat kindergarten — but we just didn’t know. The principal in 4th grade wanted to pass him because he was on grade level or above in knowledge. They get very stuck on retention doing emotional and social harm to kids, but that isn’t true for all kids. When we realized we were moving to a different school district that summer, she wrote the letter recommending retention for us.

With a recommendation from a professional, you shouldn’t have any problem getting kindergarten retention approved. If you do, it’s time to hire an educational advocate, because they are not considering the disability. That’s against the law.

Remember, kids with ADHD are 2-3 years behind their peers in development and maturity. That’s a huge gap.

Stop Telling Your Child to Act His Age

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