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Penny Williams

It sounds like we are raising the same kid! 😉

My son rushes through everything and it’s been a consistent battle for years (he’s in 9th grade now). Teachers complain about it. We don’t like it either. But, no amount of nagging, rationalizing, begging, or consequences changes it. His poor concept of time (time blindness) makes him feel like he has to hurry because he can’t gage how long he has and how fast that will go.

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He also tries to sidestep homework and such. And bad grades don’t phase him. School is just so traumatic for him (truly) that he has become a master avoider in an attempt to limit the pain and discomfort. It’s sad, but it’s true. Some kids just aren’t good at school, and I’ve resolved that my kid is one of them. He’s smart and creative and full of ingenuity, so I know he’ll be ok when he can start choosing to study and work in areas that interest him, and is allowed to learn in ways that work for him.

He scored literally at the very top of the chart (almost off the chart) in organizational dysfunction in the BRIEF, the assessment for executive functioning skills. We provided him with an iPad pro and an apple pencil to do all his work electronically so we don’t have to manage all the lost papers and redoing assignments. It’s a work in process, but it’s helping.

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