Reply To: Homework reminders


I had it written into my 6th-10th grader’s IEP that I would come to the school on Friday and get a list of all assignments my child had not turned in for that week, along with any textbook needed to complete the assignments. As long as the missing assignments were turned in by the following Friday, my child did not get marked late for any work I picked up. Each year, after about a month of spending all weekend doing schoolwork, my child decided it was easier to do his work and turn it in on time, but I still went in every Friday to make sure.

I got a lot of negative comments from his teachers about not teaching him responsibility. I told them that it was my job to teach him responsibility, not theirs and my immediate goal was for them to learn the material presented in class and pass this grade. I also let any teachers who refused to comply know that it was in his IEP, which was a legal document and if they didn’t follow it, I would be happy to involve the principal, superintendent, state secretary of education, and my lawyer in whatever order I felt would work best.