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I have an 11yr old in 6th grade who was dx at 6 and has been taking meds since he was 7. The struggles you describe all sound like executive functioning issues to me (based on my personal experience, I have no expertise 😜) and for us as he got older and school became more rigorous his EF deficiencies became more pronounced. In my opinion it isn’t related to medication. These are skills that don’t come naturally to ADHD kids and they have to work harder than most to learn them. They also tend to lag in maturity which doesn’t help EF skills either. The additional issue for my son is motivation. School is simply (often times) not important to our kiddos, so they’re not interested or motivated to do what is expected. For example, my son frequently would “forget” his homework until he saw his teacher hand me an extra math book to keep at home in case he “forgot” again. Knowing that not bringing the work home wasn’t going to get him out of homework seems to have fixed his issue and knowing that I will check his planner to see what work he has, he is able to “remember” now. Another example is testing – mine has always just rushed thru tests, not caring to give any attention. Recently he took his first middle school math test and got a D. School policy is any grade of D or lower on a test allows them to retake it and average the two grades. I asked why the D and he said “I wasn’t feeling it so I guessed” He didn’t like having to do it over and scored an A on the retake so now he has motivation to be more careful on his tests. Now that mine is in middle school he’s getting a heavy dose of EF training, and it hasn’t solved the issues, but it’s helping. Using a planner (and being graded on planner accuracy) tracking grades daily in real time and understanding that we are in cahoots with his teachers re what he’s assigned and what his grades are has helped motivate him to improve his EF skills. They are still not great by any means but he is moving in the right direction and as your son starts to mature and find his own motivation it’s likely his skills will improve as well. Whew! Sorry. That was a very long answer for me to say “I don’t think it’s the meds” lol