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Oh TY so much everyone for all the replies ..Its scary to know I am not the only one cause my heart goes out to anyone dealing and living with this …we love our children so hard I think that’s the reason why it affects us so much..Ok so he was diagnosed at 6 officially but they saw it happening at 5 for the ADHD at that time no anger issues were involved just impulsive actions..K/1/2 grades were bad then poof 3rd grade came and it was wonderful..not perfect but good for him …at this time he is on Concerta 36mg and .5mg of Prozac every other day.. the teacher is positive and motivating for him …then 4th grade came and BAM nothing has been the same we have noticed the teacher now is very FAST on her teaching style which doesn’t work for him and that has been a big issue …For anyone that asks I am a single mom he sees his dad about once a month due to his work schedule they aren’t close and his Dad feels his problems are either due to me or him just being a boy so I choose to keep him out of it..We have lived in the same place since he was born so he has stability I live with my mom so he has a good home base..I make a good living so we don’t struggle..We have a huge family that loves him like crazy and have just learned to live with the ADHD ..I have tried essential oils…I have read a good amount of books on explosive children and ADHD..On the Prozac after talking to the Dr we might be changing to a lighter form of prozac and maybe giving him a booster of Ritalin around noon so he can get thru school and homework …he takes Melatonin at night to sleep and the Concerta after he eats in the morning..I have had a behavioral specialist since he was 5 that moved into a psychiatrist when he was about 7-8 and we are on our 3rd therapist..we also have a plain old pediatrician…We have an IEP in place at his school which is a award winning public school which he gets great help with after I wrote a nice letter to the director of special education in the district…I am the squeaky wheel ..So that’s just a run down on why I feel so defeated some days …NOT everyday just some days cause I feel like where else do I go from here who else can help me …what do we do next..But you guys have been so great with all your suggestions I am trying alot of them and we will see what happens…..BIG HUGS TO EVERYONE….. and if after reading this you see somewhere else I can work on please feel free to post on it