Reply To: Generic Adderall


Hi Beth
That’s for you u kind words in your earlier post. I am sorry to hear that AUROBINDO is not working for you. I really hoped it was just me and someone would benefit from it. Generic adderall has been a nightmare for me as of late. Pharmacies barely have it and what they do have is crap. I hate wasting my time calling and driving from one pharmacy to the next being treated like a drug addict just to find the corepharma brand. As I said previously I got my doc to switch me to generic xr just to see if that made a difference. It has been a challenge figuring out how to get the dosing correct for my body. I’m on 60 mg daily, 20mg pills and before I would take a whole pill at 6:00am and split the rest throughout the day. My headaches would become so severe at 3:00 pm I hardly ever got my last dose in at 5:00pm. With the ER I take one 30mg at 6:00am and then take the other 30 at 10:00/11:00. I find that helps me better throughout the day. The ER generic is ACTAVIS. So far I’m not sleepy like before and I can actually get things accomplished. I still have a hard time with decision making and procrastination. I didn’t have this effect with the corepharma brand. I think it is s so sad that we as private insurance payers have to deal with generics at all. Medicaid recipients get all their meds brand name and I can’t afford any that may actually help me because they don’t come in a generic and my 1300 a month Insurance will only pay 80% of brand name medications. That sounds great until you find out that the medication is 1000 a month. Being 44 a am going to do the hormone test that my OBGYN is referring. That is costing me a 300 Co pay just for a saliva test, then I have to pay 100 just to test my Cortisol the same way. Being a woman and dealing with ADD have been a very difficult battle. I hope by being on this forum we can help each other find our own path to sanity by sharing our experiences. Everything is trial and error and a lot of wasted money and time to find the comfort we seek in our minds. That is my rant for today but I hope it will help others find their way.