Reply To: Generic Adderall



I just kept hoping it was my imagination that a generic could be so awful. I’m going to call around to see what other generics might be available in my area. I feel a bit afraid to ask my pharmacist to order a different type because he may well just tell me all generics are the same. The mind is a powerful thing and I way to quickly jumped to a conclusion that the Aurobindo was somehow sometimes helping me my ADHD challenges.

It was my imagination, because when I took the time to track how the Aurobindo was working (using a form intended for that
Purpose)- the results were bssically “not at all. It often makes me tired and puts me to sleep – to make matters Even worse.

I like to get my medications from the same small privately owned pharmacy-so I guess it can not hurt to ask if they could pride a different generic. If not, I’ll have to call around.

I don’t understand how the FDA lets such crappy generics be given to people. And – it’s scaring me to think of kids being given this placebo like generic. I’m going to write a complaint to the FDA (as I read others have complained as well).

Thanks everyone for helping me realize I can be proactive in regards to the medication aspect of treating my ADHD.