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Thank you very much for your replies!!! Excuse me for answering so late – we were all sick for a while, my children and me and even the ADHD boy. The principal made a deal with his parents that he will stop attending our kindergarten from November and try again in March or April. He will be five in April, so they think he can mature a bit. Also psychiatrics give medicine to children rather older, at least five years old.

It is a pity I could not work with him a bit longer, only 12 days altogether. There was a little result, for example, I thought him to ask to borrow a toy and to say please and thank you (I am always next to him, so I can remind him how to say it again and again). Sometimes it works and sometimes not, mostly because some children do not like him and do not want to give him anything. However he was so surprised when another child simply gave him a toy. Without a battle. On the other hand, one of his last activities was painting. Children were asked to use red or brown color to paint a big circle about 25cm as a part of a mushroom. Of course he immediately mixed both colors, painted not only the circle, but the whole paper and before I could stop him he painted a bit also papers of other children sitting next to him. The teacher was furious, she threw away his paper and forbidden him to participate.

We will see, if his behaving will correct a bit. My competition is very little, compared to the main teacher, I have to follow her instructions. The school system is very traditional here, probably it cannot be much different when there are more that 20 children in one class, some not even 3 years old and some almost seven years old. These children are thought to listen to the teacher, to be disciplined and in some activities to be self-dependent. If it doesn’t work, then it is a problem.

So thank you very much for your ideas, I will do my best to try to use it if the teacher allows me. In the meantime I will try to find the literature, the literature in Czech is mainly concerning school attending ADHD children (6 years and older), it seems that preschool children do not make such a problem, they can always be sent home. It is a bit sad. I have time until March. Best regards from Bohemia!!!