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Hey. I saw this and I had to respond. I am older than you are, but I feel your pain. Even now–right this minute. Now–I’m teaching school, but I have the same issues as when I was going to school: falling behind, not getting papers graded, and then feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. I get way behind, so the answer should be to work harder, but the behinder I am the worse that I feel, and the less I get done.

I didn’t think that I had a brain tumor as a kid. I thought I was just stupid. So I checked my IQ–I’m not stupid–I couldn’t blame it on not being smart enough. But I didn’t know what I could blame it on. Every time I recommit to taking charge of my life it starts out great but quickly fizzles. I’ve tried meds. I’m on meds–I’ve tried coaching. Everything helps a bit but none of it sticks very long. I’ve tried the tricks; I have plenty of timers. I know the drills. I just printed a list of “Things to Love About ADHD!” hoping that they would pump me up. Things like: Resilience, Ingenuity, Creativity, a Different Perspective. Yeah, I have ALL of that, but when I need it, they don’t help me get things done.

Wow–this is not a lot of help, is it? Surprisingly, I feel a little better sharing. I didn’t want you to think you’re alone. I hope somebody else comes along–they can join the pity party, no problem, but maybe somebody has found a way out, or at least a way to cope.