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Hi, I’m in the same boat with a highly charged odd, fire type combined adhd,anxiety, dyspraxic child with tons of disorders and hearing impairment heading into preteen age. I tell mine to back down when she gets very explosive, I walk out of her room when she is too abusive and I literally have to walk backwards away from her when she gets so aggressive and almost severely punches me in the back. I’m following this because our counselor is trying logical brain type of activities and she’s not doing it or participating. Yoga reaches her most of the time with lion breaths. I’ve tried zones of regulations which both ot and counselor use. Successful most of the time with visual aids. I’m also using books on anger/temper tantrums and character counts. I now have a social type of worker coming in. Because I’m a Parent she sees all the time and her teacher, I am a threat to her. She is usually 4 different ages and rages in one hour. Literally. I’m reading some great books on odd and adhd to gain better insight into her mind and behaviors. Hang in there. It’s so rough and very few people get it unless they experience the aggression or explosion. My advice: go with your gut/instinct on how to stay safe or resolve problem. Change counseling centers. We changed 4 times till we found one that works for her and us as a family unit. continue here on add site and child mind or understood .Com, gain info and insight, and try to reach out to others as I do. I pray alot and try to find that one family or friends that accept her as she is and then I too can gain support. Which I get from my church and bible class and some friends in the same boat. Hang in there! Hugs!