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I do that to. and I also loose my balance in the strangest situations, and once (or twice… or…) got distracted and ended up going head first into a street lamp (not funny) but of course I made a joke out of it.
I also do it with my son who is also prone no the same things… I use humor to ease the situation to him, help him deal with things (but I never forget to make him feel I do understand his frustration)
I dont know how to break the habit nor do I know if I really want to do it… it comes in handy to just get over things and avoid awkward explanations. But I understand the comment about needing to share the frustration. I cary the cables in the car to jump start it when I forget the lights on. I’m now an expert at asking perfect strangers help to do it, to tired of calling to the garage owner to go save me and listening to the same tired jokes (and saying them to).