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I am a pediatric Occupational Therapy Asstant in an out patient therapt clinic, ADHD parent of teen daughters with ADHD, ASD and CAPD, and I relate well to your struggles from watching my brother’s behaviors as I grew up, as a parent, and now as a therapist.
There is an answer, but it needs to be designed by a therapist specifically for your child. Psych counseling is important, but sensory diets and training on identifying and and managing his emotions is what he needs before rewards will work. Who cares if you don’t get your ipad in 2 hours, if your body( his body) is a mess right now, it doesn’t matter.
Now, I know what people say. My kid already gets OT in school, or doesn’t qualify in school. Ive been there too. School only qualifies/ treats things that directly impact his ability to receive an education, which right now in many places does not include sensory diets, self regulation training or coping strategies. I would encourage you to see what outpatient services might be available to you in your area for Occupational Therapy, and see what they can do to help. I live in mid/state NC. Not sure what might be available to you, but when I get clients like your son,like my daughter, I wonder why we are always told that if they dont need services at school, the only thing we could do was change their medicine or parenting style. Good luck, and please look into these things that I’ve mentioned.

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